About me

I grew up in Orkney ('Orkney,' 'the Orkney Islands,' but definitely not 'The Orkneys,' if you ask the majority of Orcadians!) a group of islands in the north of Scotland, learning the fiddle from Douglas Montgomery. I moved to Glasgow in 2007 to study photography at the Glasgow School of Art and then spent some years as a freelance fiddler and photographer, before moving to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music, graduating in 2019. You will now find me somewhere on the road, playing music with lots of brilliant musician friends, making stops along the way and roping them into playing a tune or two for Fiddlecam!

I play a beautiful fiddle, made for me in 2002 by Orcadian violin maker Colin Tulloch, who you can read more about here: tullochviolins.com

Read more about my other musical projects and see some of my photography on my website: louisebichan.co.uk

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